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Birth Defects may be Due to Antiemetic Drug

Nothing is more tragic than a child that is born with defects that would not be there but for the adverse effects of certain drugs that should not have been administered. This is the essence of a dangerous drug lawsuit for birth defects, and according to the bulk of the studies about Zofran (ondansetron), an antiemetic may very well fit the but for part of the lawsuit information.

An antiemetic is a drug that blocks certain receptors in the brain that triggers nausea under certain conditions. Zofran in particular blocks serotonin receptors, and it is designed to counteract nausea caused by cytotoxins in the system from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and post surgery.

Pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting, commonly referred to as morning sickness, occurs in about 75% of all pregnant women, with the usual onset on the 4th week and persisting into the 14th week. Typically, no medications are necessary because the effects are usually mild and non-life-threatening.

Antiemetic drugs are generally not recommended for pregnant women because of the uncertainties regarding the safety of their use on the health of the mother and the developing fetus. In some cases, however, the nausea and vomiting is so frequent, severe, ad prolonged that the mother’s life is threatened along with that of the fetus. In such cases, an antiemetic is prescribed by the attending physician. Zofran manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) encourages doctors to prescribe Zofran in such situations.

So far, the lawsuit information against Zofran is confined to suspicions of women who took Zofran during their first trimester and whose children had birth defects and the conflicting results of several studies regarding the matter. It is undisputed, however, that GSK had claimed that it was safe for pregnant women when they had no basis for making such claims, and that they had marketed it as such to doctors. At the very least, GSK had breached their duty to ensure the safety of their patients by failing to do the clinical trials to find out about the potential harm the drug posed on users.

If you suspect that your child’s birth defects was due to using Zofran, you may just be right. Consult with a Zofran lawyer to find out more lawsuit information about it.

Dental Health During Pregnancy

Dental health plays an important role in general overall health, much more so for pregnant women. Numerous studies and researches have already determined the link between dental health and heart disease and infections. Gum infections can travel through the blood stream and affect the heart and other important organs, and for pregnant mothers this could be a very dangerous complication.

Pregnant mothers can develop variety of dental problems, or if they already have them the condition can worsen. During pregnancy, a woman’s dental health changes because of the hormonal surge (specifically progesterone and estrogen) that can heighten how the gum tissues react to plaque and infections. An already existing gingivitis can worsen, and if neglected can lead to periodontitis (severe gum disease). Furthermore, pregnant women can develop what is called pregnancy tumors. These are inflamed but non-cancerous tumors that can cause discomfort and hinder eating, brushing, and other oral care procedures. Although they usually shrink away by themselves after the baby’s birth, but if they interfere with everyday activities, the dentist can decide to have them removed.

Research has established a link between gingivitis and low-birthweight and pre-term babies. Excessive bacteria that can reach the uterus can prompt the production of certain chemical called prostaglandins suspected to cause premature labor. In order to avoid complicating your dental health while pregnant, you should inform your doctor and dentist about your pregnancy; provide information on the medications and dosages that you are taking so that they can alter your dental care plan according to your needs. Avoid skipping your dental appointments – hormonal changes increases the risks of dental complications, therefore keeping a good dental hygiene regimen could keep dental issues at bay. Consult your dentist if you are planning to get pregnant and keep regular dental checkups, especially during your first trimester.

Defining Assault Charges

One of the crimes of violence that is sadly very common is assault. There are two types of assault that states tend to follow: some states have assault defined as using intentional force or violence against another person (punching or striking a person using a weapon or object), while some states may define assault as not necessarily needing physical contact with the victim and is described as any attempt of committing physical attack or actions considered to be threatening that would cause him or her to feel fear or impending violence. Verbal threats are not considered assault according to the second definition, and physical actions such as raising a fist or swinging a weapon could constitute for assault.

If you want to learn more about the different types of assault, it would helpful to talk to a Houston criminal defense lawyer, since difference in state laws can make distinctions. For states that follow the definition of assault as putting the feeling of fear and immediate physical danger to the victim, the victim’s response should be a genuine and reasonable reaction under and given circumstance: it should be expected from any reasonable person.

A simple assault constitute to the victim suffering from minor injuries or a limited danger of violence. Aggravated assault is considered a more serious crime, with the victim suffering or experiencing from a severe or significant violence or fear (involving more than just a simple punch or slap across the face). A defendant can be convicted with simple or aggravated assault of the elements of the case has proven “beyond reasonable doubt” that defendant intentionally threatened to attack or cause harm to the victim, or have successfully done so. Aggravated assault further requires the act to have the defendant either utilized a deadly weapon, caused severe personal injury, conducted the assault intending to commit some serious criminal act, concealed his/her identity, or if the victim of the crime is a member of a class of protected citizens (such as police officers, senior citizens, or school employees).

Because it is a very serious felony, charges of aggravated assault should never be taken lightly. According to the website of Mark Lassiter, Attorney at Law, hiring a Dallas criminal defense lawyer may be the only way to secure minimal penalties and protect your rights. Being convicted with aggravated assault can have a great impact in your life, therefore finding the right legal representation is vital in order to achieve a more positive outcome.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Filing for a personal injury claim following a motorcycle accident can be a bit different from a car accident injury claim. There are many factors that can affect or influence the way the case and compensation will go, and according to Milwaukee personal injury lawyers at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, it can be difficult to predict the outcome of a motorcycle injury claim as compared to a car accident claim. One reason might be because many people tend to have a bias to motorcycles, and often view them as the person in the wrong when accidents do occur. When filing for a personal injury claim that involves motorcycles, it is always best to be ready in presenting strong evidence and testimonies in order to have a positive outcome in the case.

There are differences in states regarding motorcycle laws and safety regulations. There are others that require helmets and insurance, while others allow motorcycle operators to ride without helmets. It is important to know the laws of the state in order to understand how it will help you and protect your rights when going to court. Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® will tell you that documentation is one thing that needs to be done. This would include police reports, medical records, photos, witness information, and many others that would help set up a valid legal claim. Proper documentation is also important because it will aid in computing how much the damages are worth following the accident. Accidents can be difficult to put a price or dollar figure to, because aside from the economic damages that can be easily calculated through presented evidence, there are non-economic damages such as pain and suffering that can be hard to determine, especially in the long.

Accidents can be prevented, but when they happen suddenly they can be disorienting. It is important to know what to do in case it happens, and contacting a lawyer would be essential in ensuring that the case is properly handled and solved as soon as possible.

Criminal Charges Related to Drinking and Driving

There are generally four types of crimes that are directly referred to as alcohol-related, and DUI/DWI is one of them and is perhaps considered the most dangerous of all. Although there are states that only consider DUI/DWI (Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated) as misdemeanors, there are others who consider it a criminal offense, and often give hefty penalties for those who have been charged with them.

According to the website of Alexander & Associates, DUI/DWI already carries with it severe penalties, but there are circumstances or situations that can further cause enhanced penalties. Aggravated DUI/DWI can either increase the range of possible sentences or increase the level of criminal charges. These can depend on the state that you are in, and it is therefore wise to understand the driving laws in your state in order to know your rights and how you can protect yourself from DUI/DWI criminal charges.

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels are generally used to help determine whether a motorist is committing DUI/DWI. The general BAC limit is 0.08%, and those who are over the limit are considered a danger and can be charged. However, if the BAC level is extremely high, you may run the risk of greater prison terms as well as steeper fines. Additionally, the presence of minors in the vehicle can result to aggravated DUI/DWI.

Those who have been charged multiple times for DUI/DWI, especially if they occurred in other states, can cause higher sentences or fines after being caught. Those with suspended or revoked driver’s license are also in danger of harsher punishments, and these are generally given in order to dissuade motorists from committing the crime or causing danger or harm to others. Because of the many complications that a aggravated DUI/DWI can cause, the website of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter says that consulting with a lawyer who understand criminal law can be beneficial to individuals facing criminal charges. Make sure to find someone who understands how to properly evaluate the evidence and present as well as protect your rights in court.

Protecting Your Finances

Most people who have a certain product or invention may be initially put off when they first apply for a patent. The typical amount for a patent would be $5, 000 and it may seem like a lot of money. But with the dangers of intellectual property theft and the possibility of financial stability, sacrificing a little may pay off in the long run.

Patents are important for preventing others (except the government of the United States) in the US and its territories from making, using, selling, or important your invention. It is an important legal tool in protecting your profit stream. It is important therefore that you file at the Patent and Trademark Office in order to establish ownership, intellectual property rights, and provide legal right to sue anyone who copies or steals your idea. There are many uses of a patent, and before it expires you can even sell it or inherit it to others. Many inheritance disputes have occurred because or patents and it is always often complicated, with cases going long and costly for both parties. Patents can serve as assets and sold or inherited, therefore they hold significant value to any investor or acquirer. This is why it is always better to have your attorney help you through having your idea patented.

There are still things to be cautious about, however. One thing is consider is the off0chance that the idea or invention is patentable ,and if it will generate cash growth. Another question you also have to ask is the rights that come with the patent you are applying for. As Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C. informs on its website, there are a number of patents that you can apply for, and they also come with their own sets of advantages and limitations. You should talk with your patent lawyer regarding the right type of patent that would apply to your invention or idea that would work for you. Because patents establish authenticate right to an invention or idea, it increases the market value in a market where a secured idea is considered relevant.

Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines is booming, and just after a decade it has grown tenfold and is presently employing more than a million workers. Although usually associated with call centers, the BPO industry in the Philippines are already presently covering a number of Information Technology services such as human resources, customer relations, accounting, software design, medical and legal transcriptions and many more. The Philippines has just recently surpassed India as world’s leader in call centers, having major IT services IBM, Convergys, and Accenture.

One of the many reasons why investors are looking into outsourcing Philippines is the growing number of young adults who are well-educated and are proficient in writing and speaking the English language. Aside from the English-speaking workforce, Philippines also has a strong understanding on the American culture. Because of this, the Philippines is increasingly being known worldwide for their skills and capacity in the BPO industry. Aside from the English language, the Philippines also offers diverse number of languages which made it possible for other non-English speaking companies to open in the country.

Another reason why outsourcing in the Philippines is an attractive option is the lower cost of labor. A majority of the foreign companies that are outsourcing Philippines account for up to as much as between 30 to 40 percent of savings in business cost. And despite the lower labor cost, work or output quality is never compromised. Furthermore, workers maintain a positive nature that further enhances their performance and love for the job. Many companies who have started outsourcing in the Philippines initially begun because of the low cost and have stay because of the quality of people they have worked with.

In today’s fast-paced society, the BPO industry often provides the much needed competitive edge. This is where outsourcing from the Philippines comes in. Through the speedy yet steady growth of the industry, the Philippines has become a trusted location for accommodating the outsourcing demands of the world with the growing workpool of superior but cost-effective workers.

Your Family and the Law

Among the rising forms of elder abuse that’s happening right now in the United States is financial fraud. Financial elder abuse occurs when another person illegally or inappropriately uses a defenseless elder’s finances and other properties. Because many elder victims of financial fraud are wary of reporting after being financially abused because of fear, embarrassment, and even confusion about the crime, a great majority of these incidents are not reported. It is even estimated that every year, about 5 million cases occur every year, maybe even more because of unreported cases.

There are several reasons as to why many elders fall victim to financial fraud. First and foremost, they are the type of people who are less likely to take legal action after being defrauded. Many victims are often the vulnerable types who are generally isolated, mentally or physically handicapped, lonely, or don’t know how to handle their finances. Furthermore, many elders tend to expect honesty in the marketplace, perhaps of their age. They believe that they will not be taken advantage of and be respected. This is not always the case, however. Lastly, according to the website of nursing home abuse attorneys Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, many victims are not aware of their rights, especially since elder law is a new branch that is still evolving. Because elders are not completely knowledgeable of their rights, they are afraid to pursue the scammers because they don’t know how.

Elder law plays an important part in protecting elders and securing their welfare in their golden years. They provide a number of legal rights to elders who have special needs and requirements as they grow old. There are already several laws that protect elders from financial fraud, and in order to further understand these rights consulting with a lawyer at the first signs of financial fraud. Elder law also provides legal rights for visitation, and several states already have “grandparent visitation” statutes that grant elder grandparents to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren. According to the website of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield, options such as mediation will open opportunities for elder grandparents to spend time with their loved grandchildren through an agreement.

Elders are susceptible for abuse and financial fraud because of their vulnerability. Scammers often show trustworthiness, and although most scammers are strangers even people who have a relationship with elder victims can pursue financial fraud. This is why it is difficult to catch and persecute them.

Side Effects of Benicar are Dangerous

Benicar is a medication used for treating high blood pressure, but can be used for other conditions as prescribed by your doctor. Known with the generic name olmesartan, this medication functions by preventing the narrowing of the blood vessels which eventually promote proper blood flow. Although beneficial, there have been a number of lawsuits that have been filed after the medication caused severe health complications, particularly intestinal problems.

It was initially approved for use in the United States in April of 2002, and shortly after its release in the commercial market it have become one of the leading medications used for high blood pressure. It can be prescribed for adults suffering from hypertension, as well as for children who are over the age of 6. As with any type of medications, there are side effects that come with taking Benicar, and among them are nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, sinusitis and hematuria, among others. Nevertheless, despite these side effects, Daiichi Sankyo Inc. (the manufacturer of Benicar), state that the benefits outweigh the risks.

However, patients who have been using Benicar for a certain amount of time have reported experiencing serious intestinal issues. It may even lead to a dangerous intestinal condition called severe sprue-like enteropathy, a condition that causes chronic diarrhea leading to significant weight loss. Those who suffer from severe sprue-like enteropathy have been hospitalized. Because of the danger that this health condition poses, the FDA have already issued an order to provide additional warnings, although many patients have already filed lawsuits against the manufacturer for failing to provide necessary warnings on possible life-threatening conditions that Benicar can cause.

Additionally, as any lawyer can inform you, the medication has also received the black box warning for its high risk of fetal toxicity. Women who are pregnant are warned against taking Benicar for possibility of causing injury or even death to the developing fetus. There are many other severe complications from taking Benicar, such as problems, abdominal or chest pains, arthritis, hair loss, and even irregular heart beat. When you believe you or someone you know is suffering from complications brought about by this medication, it may be best to talk with an attorney who can explain and help with filing for a claim.

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