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Posted by Brian on Sep 27, 2014

Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines is booming, and just after a decade it has grown tenfold and is presently employing more than a million workers. Although usually associated with call centers, the BPO industry in the Philippines are already presently covering a number of Information Technology services such as human resources, customer relations, accounting, software design, medical and legal transcriptions and many more. The Philippines has just recently surpassed India as world’s leader in call centers, having major IT services IBM, Convergys, and Accenture.

One of the many reasons why investors are looking into outsourcing Philippines is the growing number of young adults who are well-educated and are proficient in writing and speaking the English language. Aside from the English-speaking workforce, Philippines also has a strong understanding on the American culture. Because of this, the Philippines is increasingly being known worldwide for their skills and capacity in the BPO industry. Aside from the English language, the Philippines also offers diverse number of languages which made it possible for other non-English speaking companies to open in the country.

Another reason why outsourcing in the Philippines is an attractive option is the lower cost of labor. A majority of the foreign companies that are outsourcing Philippines account for up to as much as between 30 to 40 percent of savings in business cost. And despite the lower labor cost, work or output quality is never compromised. Furthermore, workers maintain a positive nature that further enhances their performance and love for the job. Many companies who have started outsourcing in the Philippines initially begun because of the low cost and have stay because of the quality of people they have worked with.

In today’s fast-paced society, the BPO industry often provides the much needed competitive edge. This is where outsourcing from the Philippines comes in. Through the speedy yet steady growth of the industry, the Philippines has become a trusted location for accommodating the outsourcing demands of the world with the growing workpool of superior but cost-effective workers.

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