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Posted by Brian on Aug 28, 2017

New York Hotel Sexual Harassment

Work environment is a major component of your overall job satisfaction. This can greatly affect whether you enjoy coming to work every day or you dread every moment of it. Whether you like the work you are doing or not, everyone has the right to a work environment in which they feel comfortable and safe. This is not possible if you are suffering from sexual harassment in the workplace. Far too many people across the nation, women and men both, report experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace at one time or another. This behavior consists of any unwanted sexual interactions, whether physical or verbal. These kinds of situations not only make a work environment uncomfortable and unwelcoming, but they can also make it feel unsafe. The historic New York Hotel, The Plaza, has recently come under scrutiny after several reports of sexual harassment. The New York Post wrote an article describing the severity of these allegations.

Six employees of the Plaza Hotel have joined together to file a lawsuit against the hotel for sexual harassment in the workplace. All of these employees are women, who either work with the hotel currently or have worked for them in the past. They all report experiencing a number of sexual advances from their coworkers and their superiors. As many of the perpetrators are their superiors, these women have found it difficult to report these behaviors. Additionally, when they have made reports, the managers have not taken the reports seriously or have used them as an excuse to shame these women. A current employee, Dana Lewis, reports that it is nearly unbearable to work in this environment and details several of the disturbing encounters that she has had while working at the Plaza. The lawsuit that the six employees have filed is filled with 50 pages of complaints and examples of sexual harassment that these women have experienced.

For many people, this lawsuit has been a wake-up call about the severity of sexual harassment across the United States. The Plaza Hotel is seen as a historic figure of class and sophistication, and yet it is plagued by sexual harassment in the workplace. These women have made a brave choice to publicize their experiences and work to put an end to this harmful work environment. If there are six women already willing to speak out, we can only imagine the number of women who have remained silent about their mistreatment while working at this hotel. Hopefully, this lawsuit will help put an end to these disgusting practices.

Unfortunately, many people do not know what legal steps they can take if they are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace. However, many labor and employment lawyers specialize in working with individuals who have suffered from harassment or abuse in their work environment. They can not only help explain your rights, but they can work with you to file a lawsuit against the individuals responsible. With this information at hand, hopefully many more people will take steps against sexual harassment in their workplace

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