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Your Family and the Law

Among the rising forms of elder abuse that’s happening right now in the United States is financial fraud. Financial elder abuse occurs when another person illegally or inappropriately uses a defenseless elder’s finances and other properties. Because many elder victims of financial fraud are wary of reporting after being financially abused because of fear, embarrassment, and even confusion about the crime, a great majority of these incidents are not reported. It is even estimated that every year, about 5 million cases occur every year, maybe even more because of unreported cases. There are several reasons as to why many elders fall victim to financial fraud. First and foremost, they are the type of people who are less likely to take legal action after being defrauded. Many victims are often the vulnerable types who are generally isolated, mentally or physically handicapped, lonely, or don’t know how to handle their finances. Furthermore, many elders tend to expect honesty in the marketplace, perhaps of their age. They believe that they will not be taken advantage of and be respected. This is not always the case, however. Lastly, according to the website of nursing home abuse attorneys Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, many victims are not aware of their rights, especially since elder law is a new branch that is still evolving. Because elders are not completely knowledgeable of their rights, they are afraid to pursue the scammers because they don’t know how. Elder law plays an important part in protecting elders and securing their welfare in their golden years. They provide a number of legal rights to elders who have special needs and requirements as they grow old. There are already several laws that protect elders from financial fraud, and in order to further understand these rights consulting with a lawyer at the first signs of financial fraud. Elder law also...
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